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March 4, 2021 Porch

Building Composite Porch Swing

There is nothing like being able to sit out on the balcony a warm evening and be able to enjoy the outdoors. While the process requires some tools and some know-how, a composite porch swing is actually a very simple home-do-it-yourself project.

Classic Porch Swing

Classic Porch Swing

Install a swing

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Inspect your porch. The first decision you have to make is where the swing will go. You have to have a porch roof for swing to hang. Determine where that porch swing will go, and measure where the swing will hang down to the porch itself. Subtract a foot (12 inches), and that’s how long your two lengths of the chain should be. Looking up at the porch ceiling, you need to identify where the swing should be hung. Look for longer and heavier wooden pieces that hold up the bridge roof. You can attach the swing sideways to one of these, or between two of them.

Buy the necessary supplies. Every major home improvement store will carry everything you need, from lumber to chains. Buy two lengths of the chain as an employee cut for you. Prepare your composite porch swing. Mark two places in your porch ceiling where you will drill holes. They should be the same distance apart as the bend is wide, 6 meters, and just as far from the edge of the bridge, so the bend will hang the square. These will keep the entire weight of the bend, so they must be safe. You can screw them into the holes by hand first, but when it gets harder, you can put a screwdriver through the hole in the end of the screw loop to twist it easier. Okay tighten!

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