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Choosing Quality Vintage Linen Bedding

The wrong sheets can feel too rough. They can be wrinkled easily, or they can fray or fall apart during washing. The right sheets, however, can withstand several washes, and look fresh, new and smooth on your bed. In addition, they feel comfortable against the skin. Choosing the right vintage linen bedding can help make your bed more comfortable and increase sleep satisfaction. Follow some guidelines to choose the right bedding for your bed.

Belgian Linen Fabric

Belgian Linen Fabric


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Examine thread count for cotton or ounce-to-pound ratio for flannel. For example, the number of threads per inch for the linen bedding indicates how smooth the sheet feels. Flannel or synthetic sheets consist of a mixture of natural materials such as cotton and fabric fabrics such as polyester, and involve a certain number of grams of premium material (wool or cotton) per kilogram of total material. Choose from the two most common types of linen that include cotton blend and flannel. Cotton blend sheets can consist of 100 percent cotton or have a blend of polyester or rayon.

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Low quality cotton-blend linen bedding includes thin cotton fabric that has thread. Flannel consists of synthetic material such as polyester interwoven with cotton that has combed it up a fluffy texture. You should apply at least 4 oz. of flannel (brushed cotton) per pound. Choose from exotic materials like silk or satin, and look for a minimal “Momma” weight of silk and a tight fit for satin. Silk provides high durability and comfort, and consists of fibers sewn from silkworms.

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