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How to Close Shabby Chic Twin Bedding

Shabby chic twin bedding are fabric coatings that keep down comforters or duvets, clean and protected. As much as a home fashion accessory as a practical cover, the duvet cover has a disadvantage: it can be cumbersome and looks messy if not positioned and closed. The blanket tends to thread up or float around in the duvet cover. Take the time to properly stuff and close the duvet cover for a more comfortable sleep and a nicer bed.

Amazing Twin Bedding

Amazing Twin Bedding


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Put your twin bedding inside and out on the bed, with the opening at the base of the bed. Put your down duvet on top of the duvet cover. Use quilt clips to secure the scar to the duvet cover in all four corners. Some duvet covers have cloth bands in each corner. You can use these to tie corners to the cover, if you prefer this method to using clips. Pull this corner through the cover opening at the base of the bed. Repeat this with the upper right corner of the duvet cover.

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Hold a corner in each hand, lift up the twin bedding and snap it in place, using the same action you would use to straighten a sheet or cover a table with a cloth. Turn the duvet cover so the buttons are at the foot of the bed. This is generally preferable to having buttons bump on the face when you sleep. Button switch cover closed. For a clean, seamless look, secure the buttons so that they disappear into the fabric. While many duvets use buttons like closures, others use zippers, snaps, hook-n-loop strips and simple straps.

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