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How to Fold Up a Wood Futon Bed Set

Although there are many patterns of wooden futon bed set, most come in one of two varieties: the sofa frame and the triangular frame. Both styles can sometimes be a challenge for newcomers, but with a little practice it becomes second nature. While starting, make it easier for yourself by removing the futon mattress from your frame before folding; but before long you find you can do everything with the mattress in place.

Asian Futon Sets

Asian Futon Sets


24 Inspiration Gallery from How to Fold Up a Wood Futon Bed Set

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Couch Frame

Stand where you can grab the futon frame while straddling your legs with your foot. Slide the futon frame three or four inches forward relative to the legs. Slide the frame backwards while pulling upwards as well. Within an inch or so, the pins of the frame will slide upward in the upright slot. Pull the frame upwards; bend it on the hinge in the middle, until the couch back of the frame is fully upright. Note that “upright” does not necessarily imply perpendicular to the floor of some models. Check the front futon sofa (where your knees will go when seated). Some models have a support column that folds down near the center. If the model has one, fold it down.

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Tri-Fold Futon Frame

Locate the two sets of hinges in your futon bed set frame. A set will fold down (so the top rises away from the floor); the other will fold up (with the top sinking to the floor. Pull up on folding hinges downwards. The hinges will rise as two-thirds of the futon frame fold into a downward facing “V”. Pull until it was the bed edge the frame now rests flat against the floor upwards.

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