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August 2, 2021 Metal Bed Design

Metal Triple Bunk Bed Ideas

Metal triple bunk bed is an excellent way to save floor space in a small living room. If you have three children, consider using a triple bunk bed to save space. You can go with a more traditional bunk bed or look at alternative ways to save space.

Black Triple Bunk Beds

Black Triple Bunk Beds


12 Inspiration Gallery from Metal Triple Bunk Bed Ideas

Image of: White Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Vintage Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Unusual Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Triple Bunk Beds Frame
Image of: System Triple Loft Bunk Bed
Image of: Sleeper Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Simple Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Image Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Design Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Custom Triple Loft Bunk Bed
Image of: Color Triple Bunk Beds
Image of: Black Triple Bunk Beds

Determine the height you want your bed to be. You should allow at least 36 inches between bunks. You can lower the total height of the triple bunk bed by placing the lower bunk directly on the floor. Cut your corner pieces to that height. Mark where you want each frame to attach the corner posts. Sand all your wood smoothly with an electric grinder. Measure your mattress size and cut your boards for the frames to that size. Cut the slats, 3 for each frame. Assemble the boards in the frame, place two smaller boards within the outer boards.

Screw the slats along the bottom of triple bunk bed frame. Each frame should have at least three ribs evenly spaced along each bed frame. Use carriage bolts to attach each frame to the four corner posts of the designated brands. Step to the outside of the frames with wood cut to the same length as the width between the two pillars. Use the screws to hold in place. Stain or paint pieces of bed. Allow to dry and put mattresses in place.

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Tips and warnings

To create more ceiling height you may want to have my floor stick out of bed at a 90 degree angle from the other 2. You will build the bed the same with my bed frame coming out and attaching to the shorter corner posts on the bed.

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