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June 25, 2021 Rustic Bedding

Simplicity Rustic Farmhouse Bedding

Rustic farmhouse bedding, rural, rustic, the country spirit always inspires us as much. The return to the roots, the wish of a life more “true”, in agreement with our deep nature, is more than ever of actuality. Life “in the fields” in our countryside, characterized by its simplicity, becomes a model willingly adopted in urban interiors, in the heart of the city. Dried flowers, raw wood and character make up this selection of country-style decor ideas to summon urgently into your home.

Rustic Farmhouse Bed Colors

Rustic Farmhouse Bed Plans

In the rustic style, natural and neutral colors are popular. For the walls, white, cream or light beige are preferred, to balance the sometimes dark colors of wood and metal used for furniture. There are other natural colors such as taupe, earth tones, sand and brown, but also ocher and blue. We forget the colors too bright in the rustic decor. The pastel colors, powder blue, lilac, pale green are also preferred for their soothing side.

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The motifs on decorative accessories, curtains and cushions are inspired by the elements of nature, such as flowers or leaves. There are also patterns of peas, stripes and tiles. The wood of the furniture is often painted white or pastel color, but it can also be left in its natural color.

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